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ZF Class
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Zfhx Family
The Zfhx gene family, within the ZF (zinc finger) homeobox gene class, includes three human genes, ZFHX2, ZFHX3 and ZFHX4. There is no ZFHX1 gene, since this symbol was previously used for ZFHX1A and ZFHX1B, now renamed ZEB1 and ZEB2 in a different gene family. There is one amphioxus orthologue and one Drosophila orthologue (zfh2); Holland et al. (2007). These genes have three or four homeobox sequences.
Families List of Class ZF :
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LOC556453zinc-finger homeodomain protein 4-likeZfhxZebrafish 
Zfhx3-lzinc finger homeobox 3-likeZfhxZebrafish 
ZC123.3 ZfhxNematode 
Zfhx2 ZfhxMouse 
Zfhx3 ZfhxMouse 
Zfhx4 ZfhxMouse 
ZFHX2zinc finger homeobox 2ZfhxHuman 
ZFHX3zinc finger homeobox 3ZfhxHuman 
ZFHX4zinc finger homeobox 4ZfhxHuman 
Zfh2Zn finger homeodomain 2ZfhxHoneybee 
zfh1Zn finger homeodomain 1ZfhxFruitfly 
zfh2Zn finger homeodomain 2ZfhxFruitfly 
zfhx2zinc finger homeobox 2ZfhxFrog 
zfhx3zinc finger homeobox 3ZfhxFrog 
zfhx4zinc finger homeobox 4 ZfhxFrog 
ZFHX3zinc finger homeobox 3ZfhxChicken 
ZFHX4zinc finger homeodomain 4ZfhxChicken 
Zfh2Zinc finger homeodomain 2ZfhxBeetle